To help our clients in the selection of field filtering apparatus and supplies we provide the following information and links.

  • A peristaltic pump (also called a circulating pump or vein pump) and appropriate hosing is required with a 0.45? ?filter capsule and sample bottle to collect samples.
  • The filters or disposable capsules may be referred to as ?QuickFilters? (QED Environmental System), ?Dispos-a-filters? (Geotech Environmental Equipment), or Groundwater Sampling ?Capsules?.
  • Filters come in multiple capacities: for example QED offers the FF 8100 (standard capacity) and the FF 8200 (high capacity) QuickFilters.? Hi capacity filters are better suited to sampling waters that are silty or particulate-laden.
  • Users should check the vendor sites for specifications to ensure the background levels of contaminants meet their requirements.
  • The filters are approximately $7.00/std capacity filter and up to $30 or more for high capacity filters.? They are designed to be used once and disposed, so they are an expensive consumable if many samples are to be collected.
  • The pump can run on 115v from a generator in the field, or, by 12v with a cigarette lighter plug for your vehicle.
  • All these items can be purchased directly from the vendor.

Peristaltic Pump Kit

Disposable Filter Capsules

Pump Tubing