Amazing handling of an ocean?s worth of samples. Well done!
a Colorado environmental engineering firm

About Us

At SVL we provide analytical services to individuals and corporations to meet their compliance and research needs; including: mining companies, utilities, public agencies, mining consultants and engineers, environmental consultants, land owners, and water districts. We have great relationships with daily major package carriers UPS and FEDEX, which keeps our project flow swift and on schedule.

SVL was founded in 1972 by Wayne Sorensen. Wayne began with just a few instruments and staff, and the company quickly grew. The laboratory supported mining exploration with fire assay and geochem analysis. We processed thousands of drill-core samples in a full prep room of crushers and pulverizers. The lab also analyzed local blood lead samples and drinking water. As the mining exploration samples slowly dwindled in number, the environmental monitoring business became more viable. The lab is located in the center of one of the largest superfund sites in the United States, The Bunker Hill site. In 1987 the lab purchased the vacant Bunker Hill Mine research laboratory building and moved into its current location. Our most loyal clients are mining corporations from Nevada, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona. Our relationships with these companies pre-date the creation of their Environmental Departments. We participated in shaping the environmental laboratory expectations in the mining industry. We analytically supported state agencies as they created the regulations, methods and limits that are today accepted industry wide. We have participated in the EPA CLP program and in the many clean up related sampling events nationwide.

In 2017, ownership of the lab transferred to the second generation when Wayne?s daughter Nan took over the business. Nan literally grew up in the lab and is looking to the future to grow SVL?s client base and ensure that SVL?s legacy of quality laboratory service continues.

How We Stand Out

  • Our customer service and quality of work is unparalleled.
  • We have the instrumentation and personnel to meet turn-around times.
  • We have a very deep knowledge base of the mining industry and its testing regulations.
  • The many of our customers have been clients for decades.
  • We are always thorough and attentive to our clients? individual needs.
  • We are willing to try new and unusual methodologies.
  • Our clients are leaders in their industries.
  • We apply our knowledge base and capacity to analyze and report on projects from small to large?meeting the requirements of federal and state environmental programs.
  • We promote and invest in the modernization of our instrumentation.

What Makes Us Proud

  • We are proud of our long standing presence in the mining community, since 1972.
  • Our major clients are the 3 largest mining corporations in the world.
  • We provide clients with quality data on time, every time.
  • We love helping clients succeed with their environmental programs, and to exceed their expectations.
  • Our clients receive legally defensible data in order to make timely decisions that affect their environment and drinking water.
  • We lost a bid from an existing client to another lab with a lower bid. Within 6 months the client was back because of the quality of our work.
  • We represent small to mid-sized laboratories in the development of the national standard for environmental laboratories.
  • We have been a contributing member to The NELAC Institute (TNI) since before the current organization (2006).
  • Assessors use our work as an example for other laboratories in how to implement and improve quality standards.
I have depended on the professionals at SVL Analytical for many years to provide the highest quality of laboratory analytical services for my clients in the mining industry.?SVL can always be relied upon to deliver accurate test results that meet my clients? demanding schedules and cost constraints.
Philip Johnson

Mine Water Treatment, Stantec